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Published: 13th January 2012
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Teleradiology enables a single radiologist to simultaneously provide services to several hospitals independent of their location and also allows the exploitation of global time differences to provide emergency night coverage by personnel in a different time zone working in a day shift. There is no doubting that the quality of care delivered by a wide awake, alert physician working a day shift would be far superior to that provided by a radiologist who is up all night. Subspecialty opinions delivered to locations where the expertise is otherwise unavailable are an added benefit. In this paper, we describe the current state-of-the-art in teleradiology, the benefits of the clinical practice of teleradiology, and the technical, regulatory and security issues related to teleradiology.

It's not surprising that the U.S. comprises the largest consumer base for diagnostic medical imaging and, in turn, teleradiology. However, many companies involved in the teleradiology components business are also allocating significant resources to sales in Latin America, the Middle East, China and Malaysia.

The high demand for radiology services in places like USA, UK & Singapore is not fulfilled by the currently available professionals. In the USA, the number of scans has shot up and there is a persistent shortage of Radiologist. In the UK, a Radiologist takes as long as 21 days to submit an MRI report. Lack of availability of reports causes problem to the clinicians at emergencies and night hours.

Centralized read teleradiology provides health care providers quick access to specialists such as radiologists. The technology also permits a single radiologist access to diagnostic images from any number of sites, a powerful cost-saving selling point to managed care providers. Costlier technologies are frequently used with centralized read systems, including high-resolution monitors and laser scanners.

On-call teleradiology systems permit radiologists to consult with physicians in hospital emergency departments from their own offices or even from their homes but this tends to utilize less costly technologies such as lower resolution screens.

An Indian radiologist in Mumbai or Bangalore likely earns less than the equivalent of $35,000 a year, about one-eighth of a U.S. radiologistís income. U.S. medical images are read in Bangalore and other offshore locations. Indian teleradiology firms are developing new markets in the United Kingdom and Singapore. Beyond reading images per se, Indian firms are also doing 3D image reconstruction for U.S. hospitals, which are otherwise done in the U.S. by trained medical technicians.

In a country like India there is so much of rural population and paucity of Doctors to take care of them because of poor working conditions. Teleradiology can be an answer to many problem related to health care services in villages.

We follow all standards laid down by American College of Radiology (ACR) and have simplified the process further so that the client sending us images needs nothing beyond a computer and internet connection. The cost of running a diagnostic center is much lower when the business owner decides to rely on teleradiology instead of employing somebody full time. This is an ideal situation for smaller towns and cities. The diagnostic center /hospital has to pay only for the number of cases reported instead of paying hefty retainership money. The off shore Radiologists are very competent and helpful, and are also readily available to talk to the consulting physicians/ surgeons if needed.

Telerad India has a rich experience in running diagnostic centers in a professional manner and undertake the responsibility of interpreting the radiological images, which drastically reduces the cost involved in setting up and running of the center, thereby increasing profits

As a part of corporate social responsibility Telerad India now offers to interpret any CT-Scan done in the event of emergency (accident, trauma etc) in any center across India, free of cost. The center may contact us beforehand on the configuration required at the client end to enable transfer of images

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